Holidays Creation Home Pvt Ltd works in the field of kids, helps them to enrich their skills via various extra curricular and provides platform to youths. It enhances the overall development of every individual.

Message from the Director

Through and over 22 years of teaching experience we came to know that every child is unique and born with goodness and turst, multiple talents and great potential. This fundamental truth gave us the inspiration to open an institution i.e. Holidays Creation Home. It has uniquely positioned itseld to develop, realise and fine tune these multiple talents and enable them to find their goal in the beginning itself.
Therefore, Holidays Creation Home is to enhance the overall development of children. We started a project to recharge children with meaningful learning process. Our three year experiment proved that students who are involved in our activities have shown spectacular improvement in academic performance as well as extracurricular activities because of their increased self esteem, motivation and better time management.
Our purpose is to felicitate this need to every child who comes here and transform him/her into a righteous, creative and courageous person.
I hope more parents, educational institutions and educationalist will emphasise the need to diversify and deepen the interests and hobbies of every child.

Laxmi Pant Dhakal

Our Activities

Our Grand Events

A big congratulations to all passed out students in SEE RESULT 2075

SEE RESULT 2075 Diwas Adhikari 3.55(A) Pahi Sharma 3.55(A) Anukool Khanal 3.55(A) Deejela Shrestha 3.5(A) Raman Khadka 3.30(A) Jecika Neupane 3.25(A) Shaikesh Khadkathoki। 3.25 (A) Ananta Pant 3.2 (B+) A big congratulations to dear students and the teachers of...

होलिडेज क्रियशनले गर्‍यो कलाकारलाई सम्मान

बैशाख २३ ,फिल्मी पाटी – होलिडेज क्रियशन होम नारायणगढले एक कार्यक्रमका बीच कलाकारलाई सम्मान गरेको छ । नेपाली सिनेमा क्षेत्रको संरक्षण, प्रवर्धन र विकासमा महत्वपूर्ण योगदान पुर्याएका कलाकारहरुलाई सम्मान गरिएको हो । सम्मानित हुनेमा चर्चित कलाकार, निर्माता तथा निर्देशक...

चितवन हाेलिडेज क्रियसन हाेम दुारा एक दिन भरिकाे खाना सेवा

मिति:२०७५-०१-०२ गते चितवन हाेलिडेज क्रियसन हाेमका प्राेप्रइटर तथा यस अाश्रमका अभिभावक अादरणीय श्री नारायण ढकाल ज्यु तथा उहाँको श्रीमती अादरणीय श्री लक्ष्मी पन्त ढकाल ज्यु, ,टिचर अादरणीय श्री रूबिना श्रेष्ठ ज्यु,अादरणीय श्री पबित्रा आचार्य ज्यु ,अादरणीय अनिल ज्यु तथा...